Being a parent is hard, let's work together to make it easier. Below you will find resources that might be useful. 
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  • Ring Toss: Create Witches hats from black construction paper; create enough for each team to have five hats. Use a paper plate (with the center cut-out) for the rings. Have teams compete to get the most rings on the hats. Or, if you're running out of time, purchase the game

  • Mummy Wrap: Have teams of two students ​​compete to create a mummy! One team member wraps the other team members in toilet paper to create a mummy. For older grades, you can put a time limit on the game. 

  • Pumpkin Juggling: Give each student 3 orange balloons. Have each student toss their balloons in the air. Once the timer starts, they have to keep all their balloons in the air at all times. Be sure to provide a lot of space for this one! 

  • Rock Painting: Paint rocks to look like jack-o-lanterns. 

  • Make slime... green goo!

  • Pumpkin Catapult: Create a simple catapult from large craft sticks, plastic spoons and a rubber band. Invite students to use their newly-made catapult to compete in a game of get the pompom pumpkin in the bucket. 

  • Pony Bead Pumpkins: Using pipe cleaners and orange pony beads, create simple but festive pumpkin decorations. 

  • Pumpkin & Ghost Stress Balls: using white and orange balloons, flour, and permanent markers to make these simple and easy crafts. 


  • Valentine's Bingo. Simple and easy, but so much fun. Click the link to download a free printable version. 

  • Pin the Lips on the Love Bug. The same concept as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but use lips instead of tails and create a love bug monster instead of a donkey. Don't forget a bandanna to cover children's eyes. 

  • Valentine's Minute-to-Win-it Games. Simple activities include stacking conversation hearts, marshmallow toss into a bucket, picking up conversation hearts with two sticks, relay races. (Please remember candy is not to be eaten by students during classroom parties). 

  • Valentine's Themed Dictionary. Use words such as heart, card, chocolates, hug, flowers, friendship, Cupid, lovebird, sweetheart, balloons, love, kindness, or bow & arrow. 

  • Valentine Mad Libs. Have students work in teams to create the silliest mad lib. Free Valentine's-themed Mad Libs available with the link. 

  • Cupid Says. Play the game Simon Says but change the name to Cupid Says. This Valentine party game will really get the kids up and moving!

  • Origami Heart. This one is a bit tricky, so maybe for older students. But, the end result is amazing! 

  • Heart Healthy. Take the kids outside or to the gym and teach them how to measure their heart rates. Have them take measurements while they're at rest, after they do some jumping jacks, and then after sprinting.

  • Make a bouquet of tissue paper flowers. This one is amazing, but will likely be best for older students. 

  • Talk about how Valentine's Day is about showing love and kindness to all... including pets. Try making simple DIY dog toys to donate to the animal shelter. 

  • Relay Races. 




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